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Fotona Laser Treatment for Onychomycosis

Laser treatment for onychomycosis can quickly and safely remove infected tissue and remove unsightly nails. By penetrating the deepest layers of ...

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Are you embarrassed to take off your shoes? Think you have to give up on sandal season forever? You’re not alone. Onychomycosis is a very common nail fungus, affecting more than three million people each year. It can cause your toenails to look thick, hard, and yellow. They may peel or even fall off. And because it’s contagious, it’s unlikely that a nail salon will be willing to give you a pedicure. Even if they do, normal nail treatments simply don’t work.

Onychomycosis is hard to get rid of, and over-the-counter miracle remedies rarely work. Fotona laser therapy can give you back the feet you want, without the risks of long-term use of systemic or topical anti-fungal drugs.

As Toronto’s premier provider of medical laser treatment services, North Toronto Laser MedClinic is proud to work with you to find treatment options that really work.

frequently asked questions

What is Clear Steps Treatment?

ClearSteps™ Onychomycosis Treatment is a revolutionary, patient-friendly method for treating onychomycosis (toenail fungus).

How does Onychomicosis works?

Safely kills parasitic fungi which have infected a patient’s nails

Is any medication needed?

No topical chemicals or oral medications needed, no side-effects.

When are the results expected?

It takes one year for the new healthy nail to grow.